1) Welded lathe bed of thick-wall profiled steel, more solid and stable.

2) Reasonable lathe table design, 10 mm thickness steel plates fixed on lathe table covered by cast sheath with spikes. Steel plates will not be damaged even under raging flame. The level difference of whole double-deck platform remains in 0-1.5mm.

3) Advanced material inclined discharging design. All finished work pieces and fragments slide into both sides of tunnel for safe and convenient collection.

4) Panasonic Servo motor, Taiwan servo speed reducing device and high accuracy rack transmission.Lower noise, stable and accurate coordinate movement.

5) American hyperthem power supply(Power: 60A/100A/130A) together with high sensitive arc pressure adjuster.Self-adjusting to choose the best distance between plasma head and work piece automatically in order to ensure cutting accuracy.

6) Best choice for all kinds of different thickness material and heterotypic sheet cutting.

Parâmetro técnico

Área de trabalho (personalizável)1300 * 2500mm
Espessura do processo0.5-30mm
Tensão de trabalhoCA 220V / 380V 50HZ / 60HZ
Velocidade de corte0-8000mm / min
Velocidade de viagem0-5000mm / min
Corrente de plasma40A-200A
Marca de fonte de plasmaChina LGK ( US Hypertherm optional)
Freqüência de potência50HZ
Transferência de arquivoUSB
ControladorBeijing Start or Starfire
Controlador de altura da tochaBeijing Start or HYD
Modo de trabalhoArco sem contato impressionante

Nossos serviços

Q1.What control system it use ?

A:Start control system

Q2.Which kind of machine is more suit for me?

A:It is according the material and processing thickness and the working area .

Q3.How to support me if i don't know how to use it?

A:Free training within the warranty by WhatsApp, Skype, Fax, Mail, Wechat, QQ. We also can

dispatch our technician to customer’s company to provide training and support if customer

agree the air ticket and hotel.

Detalhes rápidos

Condição: Nova
Lugar de origem: Shandong, China (continente)
Modelo Número: 1325
Tensão: 220V / 380V
Potência: 8.5KW
Dimensão (L * W * H): 1300 * 2500mm
Peso: 1200kg
Certificação: CE
Garantia: 12 Meses
Serviço pós-venda prestado: engenheiros disponíveis para prestar assistência a máquinas no exterior
Espessura do processo: 0.5-30mm
Potência: 8.5KW-10.5KW
Velocidade de corte: 0-8000mm / min
Velocidade de viagem: 0-5000mm / min
Corrente plasmática: 40A-200A
Plasma source brand: China Huayuan (US Hypertherm optional)
Freqüência de potência: 50HZ
Modo de trabalho: Arco sem contato impressionante