Máquina de corte a plasma para trabalhos pesados ms pórtico de chapa de metal cnc

Detalhes rápidos

Condição: Nova
Tensão: 380V
Rated Power: 120A electric current
Dimension(L*W*H): 3720*2280*1650mm
Peso: 1500kg
Certification: ISO,CE,SGS
Garantia: um ano
Serviço pós-venda prestado: engenheiros disponíveis para prestar assistência a máquinas no exterior
Nome do Produto: Máquina de corte a plasma CNC
Cutting accuracy: ±0.4mm
Reposition accuracy: ±0.2mm
Working size: X=1500,Y=3000,Z=150mm, (can be customized)
Working table size: 1500*3000mm
Feeding height: 150mm
Max running speed: 9m/min
X/Y/Z axis transmission: X/Y Axis Gear and rack ,Z Axis Ball screw
Cutting thickness: 0-40mm (dependent on different plasma power ability)
Auto height-adjusting device: Arc voltage controller


Descrição do Produto

A metal cutting machine, different model and also can customized according your required. For thick materials cut, and almost all metal can cut use plasma cutting machine.

Famous plasma power, and all the parts is original

Frame adopts full welded structure, solid and reasonable, the operation is simple, durable in use.

The CNC system is high configuration. Automatic arc, stable performance, the success rate of 99% or more


Standard configuration

* Working area 1500*3000mm* Plasma cutting head
* Start/starfire control system* Arc voltage Auto Height-adjusting Device auto arc-striking
* Gear and rack transmission and Famous brand Hiwin Square guide rails.* Leadshine stepper motor and driver or Japanese Servo motor and driver as option
* Huayuan (LGK) or Hypertherm (PowerMax) plasma cutting power supply* Startcam or Fastcam software
* Exhaust fan with machine* Heavy duty bed and 380V working Voltage


Applicable Materials and Industry

Materiais aplicáveis:

Iron plate, different steel like stainless steel and carbon steel and so on, titanium plate, galvanized sheet, high speed steel, aluminum etc.

Applicable Industry:

Case shell of mechanical and electrical products processing, advertising sign ages, process decoration, smith gardens, automobile, shipbuilding, electrical accessories cutting and processing, welding industry etc.


Parâmetro técnico

ModeloSIGN-1530 plasma cutting machine
Precisão de corte± 0,4 mm

Reposicionar precisão

± 0.2mm
Tamanho de trabalhoX=1500,Y=3000,Z=150mm, (can be customized)
Tamanho da mesa de trabalho1500 * 3000mm
Altura de alimentação150mm
Velocidade de funcionamento máxima9m/min
Transmissão do eixo X / Y / ZEngrenagem e cremalheira da linha central X / Y, parafuso da esfera da linha central Z
Poder do plasmaChinese 60A(optional:100A 120A 160A 200A)

America 45A (optional:65A 85A 105A 125A 200A)

Espessura de corte0-40mm (dependent on different plasma power ability)
Dispositivo de ajuste automático de alturaArc voltage controller
Cabeça de corte por chamacom
Motor do motoristaStepper motor (Servo motor optional)
Tensão de trabalhoAC380v/50Hz
Sistema de controleSTARFIRE/START control system
Peso bruto1200kg
Peças opcionaisRotary and flame cutting head
Remark: All machine models can be customized according to clients’ requirement.