Protable CNC cutting machine

1. Gantry structure, Y, X axis with rigid synchronous belt drive axis with electric automatic lifting, to assure cutting speed and quality.
2. Dual drive, stable performance.
3. The set-up is very simple; all kinds of CAD graphics can be read directly by our system trough U-disk. The software can be edict graphics automatically.
4. Collocated Udisk interface and cutting code auto converting software for CAD drawing, CAD drawing can be input directly into the cutter through U-disk.
5. Tips for each operation is displayed at the screen at any moment ,so operators can use our system without being trained or reading the instructions
6. Collocated indicator lights for various hitches. Hitch diagnosing is clear just at a glance and the maintenance is convenient and quick.
7. It is mainly applied in cutting heavy and middle metal steel.

Detalhes rápidos

Condição: Nova
Lugar de origem: China (continente)
Tensão: 220V / 380V
Potência: 7.5kw
Dimension(L*W*H): as custome
Weight: as custome
Certificação: CE ISO
Garantia de 1 ano
Serviço pós-venda prestado: engenheiros disponíveis para prestar assistência a máquinas no exterior
Product name: china manufacturer portable cnc plasma cutting machine
Cutting mode: Plasma Cutting + Flame Cutting
CNC system: F-2100X from China
Flame cutting thickness:500-100mm
Plasma cutting thickness: 1-60mm(depending on plasma power)
Ignition decive: Automatic
warranty: 1 year